Our Suppliers

We use local produce wherever and whenever possible

Finding good ingredients is only part of the puzzle. Where they come from, how they were produced, are questions worth asking, and the answers are more and more important to us, and to you.

Truth is, we often eat and drink the wrong ingredients and disregard the consequences of our actions, be it to our bodies, or our world.

So here in Mojo’s, we are trying to apply our principles. I say trying, because the system in place is far from being helpful! Big companies do not want you to eat responsibly or in a healthy way, they just want you to buy…

Did you know that there is no whole seller of organic fruit and vegetables on Anglesey? For this reason, we stopped squeezing our own Apple juice. Instead, we found a local producer growing organic apples and pressing their own juice.

For a great many ingredients, we use Harlech Food Service, a family owned local provider. To say the ingredients don’t travel would be a lie, but they source their products locally whenever possible, including the free range eggs we use in our batter.

Total Produce (formerly known as Four seasons) is our fruit and veg supplier. We hope that one day soon they will have an organic range. If not, we may have to build a green house and grow our own!

E.T Jones from Bodedern are, in my opinion, the best butcher’s. We buy Beef for our beef Bourguignon, pork for our pate, lamb shanks for our lamb tajin, knowing the meat never travelled more than 20 miles and the animal was well fed and treated, and I do my personal weekly meat order there every time as well!

Plas Farm ice creams. Quality, local. Copied by others, but unequaled, enough said.

Bass fillets from Mark, a local fisherman.

Anglesey sea Salt season all of our dishes! Go Halen Mon!