About Mojo’s

Mojo is the Island sole French owned restaurant, try it out!

Mojo’s was built in 2005 by Alex Tritten on the site of the old off License.

The idea was to offer simple, yet tasty and free from preservatives food and drinks, all prepared right in front of the customers.

It started off with just sweet and savory crepes and galettes, to evolve into a restaurant serving exclusively French cuisine and tried classics such as the Boeuf Bourguignon.

Mojo’s menu is changing a little this year, only a little mind you, as we are adding a weekly set of special starters, main courses and desserts, just for the fun of it!

Our main concern is that you, the customer, enjoys his or her experience in Mojo’s, be it at breakfast, lunch, or dinner!

You may wonder why the name Mojo’s?

Mojo was Alex’s dog’s name. He passed away in the summer of 2016 but lives on in our memories.

A walk around Mojo’s

Latest images of Mojo’s